MicroSURGE® Dry Cotton Seed Treatment

MicroSURGE Dry Cotton Seed Treatment stands as a premium solution in the realm of cotton cultivation. It's engineered with Shield Protection Technology to ensure optimal seed treatment, promoting superior plant health and robust cotton growth. 


Premium dry seed treatment
Treats approximately 640 acres per container
4 containers per case

Advantages and Benefits

  • Fosters enhanced root development and plant vigor
  • Shield Protection Technology
  • Fixes nitrogen to your cotton plant
  • Increases atmospheric nitrogen by 25.8 percent
  • Ideal for combination with Talc or Talc 80/20
  • Maintains a multi-year shelf life

Research and Trials

Extensive research trials have consistently shown that MicroSURGE Dry Cotton Seed Treatment significantly boosts cotton yields and plant health, solidifying its status as a key asset for cotton farmers.

MicroSURGE Dry Cotton Seed Treatment