MicroSURGE® Dry Sugar Beet Seed Treatment

MicroSURGE Dry Sugar Beet Seed Treatment is a top-tier solution crafted to significantly improve the yield and health of sugar beet crops. With the integration of Shield Protection Technology, it ensures that each seed is treated to achieve optimal plant health and robust growth. 


Premium dry seed treatment for sugar beets
Treats approximately 256 units of seed per container
4 containers per case

Advantages and Benefits

  • Promotes strong root development and nutrient absorption
  • Features Shield Protection Technology for effective seed treatment
  • Proven to increase sugar content and tonnage in rigorous field trials
  • Compatible with Talc or Talc 80/20 for easy application
  • Multi-year shelf life ensures consistent product performance

Research and Trials

Years of dedicated field trials have consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of MicroSURGE Dry Sugar Beet Seed Treatment in enhancing sugar beet yields and overall plant health, making it a valuable tool for sugar beet growers.

MicroSURGE Dry Sugar Beet Seed Treatment