Created by a farmer, 
for the farmer. 

Talc USA Moves Production to Illinois

Curran, IL

New production line will manufacture all TALC products, including the company’s newest and most advanced HomeLAND products for corn and soybeans

Green Cup Promotion

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Every packaging season, TALC USA places one Green Cup in three individual 20 lb pails of Talc. Each Green Cup contains a gold engraved placard telling the lucky winner to return the cup to the point of purchase to receive a $500 gift.  


Advanced Shield Protection Technology

A one-of-a-kind new technology that incorporates five microbials that fix nitrogen and mobilizes phosphorous. Available in dry or liquid form. 

Talc USA Joins Forces with BRANDT for Advanced Agricultural Solutions 

In 2021, a new era in agricultural technology was ushered in as Talc USA partnered with BRANDT, a renowned leader in micronutrient and plant nutrition solutions. This partnership synergizes Talc USA's advanced seed treatments with BRANDT's powerful micronutrient innovations.  

Founded 15 years ago by a visionary North Dakota farmer, Talc USA specializes in enhancing agricultural productivity with premium talc, inoculants, and seed treatments. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is embodied in every product we create, proudly made in the USA.   

Join us in driving agricultural progress by offering innovative products that not only boost yield potential but also significantly enhance farmers' revenue and return on investment through high-value, efficiency-driven solutions. 

Proven Performance

At Talc USA, we believe in the power of research and trials to drive agricultural innovation. 

Our commitment to evidence-based solutions ensure that our products are tested and proven to enhance yield, plant health, and overall efficiency. 

Explore our latest trials, research findings, and educational resources.