Encompass® Dry

Encompass Dry stands out as a premium microbial nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus mobilizing product, designed to enhance overall plant health in a variety of crops. This product features advanced Shield Protection Technology, ensuring each application delivers maximum efficacy. 


Designed for corn, soybean, cotton, and sugar beets
Treats approximately 210 units of corn or soybeans
4 containers per case

Advantages and Benefits

  • Designed to mix with Talc or Talc 80/20
  • Nitrogen fixing and phosphorus mobilization
  • Freeze thaw technology
  • Multi-year shelf life
  • Proven to enhance crop production

Research and Trials

Encompass is backed by rigorous trials and research, demonstrating its effectiveness in increasing yields. Our commitment to research trials ensure that farmers understand the science behind Encompass, empowering them to make informed decision for optimal results.  

Encompass Dry