Founded 15 years ago by a visionary North Dakota farmer, Talc USA specializes in enhancing agricultural productivity with premium talc, inoculants, and seed treatments. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is embodied in every product we create, proudly made in the USA. 


Deliver American-made agricultural products that champion farming success and innovation. 


To be the agricultural industry's benchmark for innovation, transforming farming with quality and sustainable solutions. 

Who We Are

Talc USA is a team of agricultural experts united by a passion for farming excellence. We emphasize collaboration, integrity, and a relentless commitment to meeting our customers' needs, ensuring every product reflects our dedication to American-made quality. 

Seeds of Innovation: Talc USA and BRANDT Cultivate Growth Together

Green Cup Promotion

Over the past 15 years, Talc USA's Green Cup Promotion has proudly donated over $85,000 to schools and farmers, reflecting our deep commitment to supporting the communities we serve.