On December 31, 2021, TALC USA, a stalwart of American-made agricultural excellence, proudly joined the BRANDT family, marking a significant milestone in its journey. This union blends TALC USA's commitment to American craftsmanship in agricultural products with BRANDT's global outreach, creating a synergy that enhances plant yield and soil health with science-backed solutions. Founded in 2008 by Steve Johnson, TALC USA has grown from its American roots to impact global markets including Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, and South Africa, while steadfastly upholding its tradition of quality U.S. manufacturing. 

Rick Brandt, President & CEO of BRANDT, saw a natural fit between our companies, stating, "TALC USA shares our values of good science, quality products, and world-class service." 

For us at TALC USA, this partnership means becoming part of a global organization, providing stability for our employees and enabling us to continue to grow and serve our farmer customers better than ever. Our founder, Steve Johnson, couldn't be more optimistic: "Joining the BRANDT family provides certainty for our employees and enables us to continue to grow the business and serve our farmer customers." 

As a part of BRANDT's Specialty Formulations business unit, TALC USA continues to operate under its existing management, and all our employees have been retained. This partnership has not only provided stability but also opened doors for innovation and growth, allowing us to offer even more effective solutions to our farmers.