Green Cup Promotion

Every packaging season, TALC USA places one Green Cup in three individual 20 lb pails of Talc. Each Green Cup contains a gold engraved placard telling the lucky winner to return the cup to the point of purchase to receive a $500 gift.  

When a Green Cup is returned to a dealership, TALC USA will immediately purchase $500 of product for the customer. Once the Green Cup is returned, we also earmark $2,000 for a charitable donation on behalf of TALC USA and the dealership.  

The Green Cup Promotion is our way of saying thank you to the dealers and the farmers that use our products. So dealers, remind your customers to watch for the Green Cup so we can continue to support your parts counter, your customers, and your community!  

2023 Recipient

Three green cups were found during the 2023 season...

2022 Recipient

Aaron Ruwe, rural Washington County farmer, was the lucky winner of one of the 2022 season green cups...

2021 Recipient

The Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation was awarded a $2,000 donation from Talc USA...

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