MicroSURGE® Dry Field Bean Seed Treatment

MicroSURGE Dry Field Bean Seed Treatment is specifically formulated as a premium treatment to boost the health and yield of field bean crops. It incorporates Shield Protection Technology, ensuring optimal seed treatment for enhanced plant health and vigorous growth. 


Premium dry seed treatment designed for field beans
Treats approximately 160 acres per container
4 containers per case

Advantages and Benefits

  • Enhances root development and nutrient uptake in field beans
  • Utilizes Shield Protection Technology for superior seed treatment
  • Demonstrates significant yield improvements in field trials
  • Suitable for use with Talc or Talc 80/20
  • Multi-year shelf life for sustained treatment efficacy

Research and Trials

Extensive field trials validate MicroSURGE Dry Field Bean Seed Treatment as a highly effective tool for increasing yields and improving the health of field bean crops, marking it as a crucial resource for farmers.

MicroSURGE Dry Field Bean Seed Treatment