MicroSURGE® Liquid Small Grain Seed Treatment

Elevate your small grain yields and protein content with MircoSURGE Liquid Small Grain Seed Treatment. Infused with our unique Microbial Stabilization Technology, this treatment ensures higher survival rates of beneficial microbes, setting the stage for a more bountiful and profitable harvest.  


Liquid Seed Treatment
Treats 8,000 lbs of seed
2 containers per case, 36 cases per pallet

Advantages and Benefits

  • Can be mixed with starter fertilizers
  • Apply in-furrow on or below seed in 1x1 or 2x2 placement
  • Freeze thaw technology
  • Multi-year shelf life
  • Trials show increased yields

Research and Trials

In rigorous trials, MicroSURGE Liquid Small Grain Seed Treatment has shown marked improvements in germination, root development, and yield, affirming its effectiveness in enhancing small grain crop health and productivity.