MicroSURGE® Dry Corn Seed Treatment

MicroSURGE Dry Corn Seed Treatment is a premium solution crafted to significantly enhance corn yields and overall plant health. This product integrates Talc USA's advanced shield protection which includes freeze-thaw technology, guaranteeing effectiveness and a multi-year shelf life. Its key components, azospirillum lipferum and azospirillum brasilense, are pivotal in capturing atmospheric nitrogen and deliver tangible results in crop productivity. 


Premium Dry Seed Treatment
Treats approximately 210 units of seed per container
4 containers per case

Advantages and Benefits

  • Enhanced plant health and yield
  • Increases atmospheric nitrogen fixation by up to 25.8%
  • 7.8 BU/AC national average increase
  • Compatible with Talc or Talc 80/20
  • Robust freeze-thaw technology
  • Multi-year shelf life

Research & Education

Through four years of comprehensive trials, MicroSURGE Dry Corn Seed Treatment has consistently demonstrated its ability to increase corn yields and improve nitrogen efficiency. These results establish it as a reliable and effective choice for optimizing corn crops.

Talc USA Dry Corn Seed Treatments