MicroSURGE® Liquid Soybean Inoculant

MicroSURGE Liquid Soybean Inoculant is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance soybean growth and yield. With Talc USA's unique Shield Protection Technology, this liquid formulation is thin and easy to apply, proving a robust treatment for approximately 150 to 16,500 units, depending on the package size.  


Treats approximately 150 unites of seed
2 containers per case, 36 cases per pallet
Bulk tote that treats 16,500 units for larger seed treaters

Advantages and Benefits

  • No extenders or bladers needed
  • Freeze thaw technology
  • Multi-year shelf life
  • Trials show increased yields
  • Water like consistency

 Research and Trials

MicroSURGE Liquid Soybean Inoculant has been rigorously tested, showing an average increase in yield of 5.44 bushels per acre, making it a reliable and effective choice for soybean farmers.