Small Grains

Cultivating small grains like wheat, barley, and oats requires specialized care and attention. Our product lineup offers targeted solutions for nutrient efficiency, disease prevention, and yield optimization. Choose from our recommended package options or individual products to tailor your crop management strategy.  

Recommended Packages

Value-Added Protection


Value-Added Protection package image

Focuses on soil health and plant protection.

Value-Added Protection

This package focuses on soil health and plant protection. It aids in nitrogen capture, phosphorus mobilization, and nematode suppression, all backed by Shield Technology for extended soil benefits. 

Elite Defense


Elite Defense package image

Designed for plant vigor and natural defenses.

Elite Defense

Designed to enhance plant vigor and natural defenses, this package not only helps your crops capture more nitrogen and fend off nematodes but also boosts plant health. It offers a cost-effective solution for comprehensive crop protection.

Seed Flow Optimizer

Talc 80/20

Seed Flow Optimizer package image

Ensures better seed flow and placement. 

Seed Flow Optimizer

This package ensures better seed flow and placement with micronutrients and top-grade graphite, aiding in establishing a stronger stand from the start.

Research and Trials

Explore Talc USA’s commitment to innovation and quality through our rigorous research and trials, driving advancements in agricultural practices for optimal crop health and yield.

How to Mix Talc USA Value Added Products