Talc 80/20

Talc 80/20, a premium blend from Talc USA, is specially formulated to combine the benefits of talc and graphite for optimal seed flow and planting efficiency. This blend is tailored to support plant health and ensure seamless planting operations. 


High-quality blend of 80% talc and 20% graphite
Ideal for a variety of seeds and advanced planting equipment
Available in multiple package sizes for diverse farming needs

Advantages and Benefits

  • Improves seed flow and reduces friction
  • Promotes consistent seed spacing and depth
  • Enhances seed germination and plant health
  • Suitable for a range of planting systems
  • Streamlines planting for efficiency and cleanliness
  • Trusted for reliability and consistent quality

Research and Trials

Talc 80/20 has undergone extensive field testing, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving planting operations and contributing to healthier, more robust crop growth. These trials underscore its value as a key component in modern agricultural practices. 

Talc 80/20