Inceptive is a groundbreaking dry formulation designed to enhance plant growth in corn, soybeans, and cotton. By reducing parasitic nematodes and their eggs by 45%-65%, Inceptive promotes drought resistance, increased root systems, and overall plant vigor. It's a scientifically-backed solution that's easy to apply and designed to mix with Talc and Talc 80/20, offering farmers a new edge in crop production.  


Designed for corn, soybeans, and cotton
Treats approximately 210 units of corn or soybeans
4 containers per case

Advantages and Benefits

  • Reduces plant-feeding nematodes by 45%-65%
  • Boosts root mass, photosynthesis, and overall plant health
  • Proven to increase resilience against drought
  • Easy-to-apply dry formulation
  • Compatible with Talc and Talc 80/20

Research and Trials

Inceptive's efficiency is backed by five years of test results and over 40 nationwide trials, showcasing its ability to significantly enhance crop yields and resilience.