HomeLAND™ Corn

HomeLAND Corn is a premium, premixed treatment for your corn seeds. This unique formulation blends an 80/20 talc graphite and micronutrient mix with cutting-edge shield technology, ensuring the efficacy and longevity of the inoculants, promoting early vigor, and uniform germination. This product not only elevates the quality of your corn seed but also simplifies the application process. 


Premixed Seed Treatment
Treats approximately 50 units of corn at 80k seeds per unit
2 containers per case

Advantages and Benefits

  • Convenient premixed containers
  • Talc 80/20 graphite blend
  • Enhanced with micronutrients
  • Cutting-edge shield technology
  • Promotes early vigor and uniform germination

Why Choose HomeLAND Corn?

Specially formulated for corn, HomeLAND Corn Seed Treatment takes the guesswork out of crop nurturing, letting you focus on achieving the best yields possible.