Talc USA Introduces Revolutionary Planter Box Solution

All-in-One Dry Planter Box Treatment, HomeLAND™. Three Formulations that Offer Seed Fluency, Inoculation and Micronutrients – With an Option to Add Enzymes to your Corn Formulation.

Commodity Classic - HOUSTON, Tex.  (AgPR) Feb. 28, 2024TALC USA, a BRANDT company, has introduced HomeLAND, an innovative line of dry planter box products, customized for the unique nutritional needs of corn and soybeans at planting. HomeLAND offers seed fluency, inoculation, and micronutrients—with the option to include enzymes—all in a user-friendly package.

The HomeLAND product line, HomeLAND Corn, HomeLAND Soybeans and HomeLAND Corn Complete, is designed to get your crop off to a fast, healthy start. The core talc product includes a powerful suite of micronutrients and inoculants protected by TALC USA’s Shield Technology. The HomeLAND Corn Complete product adds BRANDT’s EnzUp technology to increase the plant’s water and nutrient uptake.

“HomeLAND is a significant achievement in dry planter box products,” says Steve Johnson, founder of TALC USA. “Our goal was to create a product line that not only leads in innovation but also delivers real, measurable benefits to farmers in terms of efficiency and crop yield.”

Collectively, the HomeLAND product line enhances plant growth, resilience, and yield, offering growers a superior solution in dry planter box applications.

To learn more about Talc USA HomeLAND, visit booth 7256 at Commodity Classic in Houston, Texas.

About Talc USA

Talc USA was founded on the belief in helping the American farmer increase revenue per acre by fortifying products with new technology and keeping its products 100% made in the USA. Through research, investment, and partnering with its knowledgeable dealer network, Talc USA continues to bring new and innovative products to the market. The company is based in Page, ND. For more information, visit Talc on the web at www.talcusa.com.